1801 - 1900

(The photo is of the Crystal Palace designed by Paxton and built for the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London)


Set out on this page are some of the events which occured during the period covered by my family histories for the years 1801 to 1900. This period includes the industrialisation of England & Europe, revolution, the rise of liberal ideas of democracy & government and the expansion of imperialism throughout the world, particularly by the English. The birth of the romantic period in art & music; gothic revival architecture and that truly English oddity, the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta! Italian opera reaches it full flowering with Verdi, Donizetti and others.

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(The information in the timeline pages is sourced from the publication "The Timetables of History" written by Bernard Grun and published by Simon & Shuster ISBN 0-671-74919-6)

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